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A suggestion a day for RSNA

24 Nov. 2022 by Kicky van Leeuwen

The annual meeting of the Radiological Society of America (RSNA) is starting this weekend. We thought of providing you with some of our suggestions. Something different each day, but all on AI in healthcare of course! 😉

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Celebrating 200 products on AI for Radiology

11 July 2022 by Kicky van Leeuwen

It’s time to celebrate! We have reached a milestone of 200 products on our platform, the most comprehensive overview of CE marked artificial intelligence (AI) based products in radiology. Enough reason for giveaways!

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One year of MDR: 17% of products comply

27 May 2022 by Kicky van Leeuwen

It has been a year since the more stringent Medical Device Regulation (MDR) replaced the former Medical Device Directive (MDD). With two years left on the clock for the 'transition period', only 17% of the AI products for radiology have obtained clearance under the MDR so far. If the market continues at this pace, half of the current CE marked AI products for radiology will not comply in time. The likely consequence is that software will be taken off the market and can no longer be used clinically after May 2024. Does that mean users stop buying MDD compliant AI software? Read about it in this blog!

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Learn about AI in healthcare with these online courses

17 Feb. 2022 by Kicky van Leeuwen

Barely anyone working in the field of AI in healthcare received a formal education on the combination of topics. Simply, because with emerging fields, there usually isn’t much formal education yet. However, by now, with the market maturing, more and more educational resources are becoming available for AI in healthcare specifically. Are you looking to bridge that gap between healthcare and AI? This is the place to start!

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Is AI worth its money?

5 Oct. 2021 by Kicky van Leeuwen

In the application of AI in healthcare, there is still a major question to be answered: who is going to pay - and how much - for AI in healthcare? A health technology assessment may help to find out. We applied this method to assess AI for stroke. In this blog, we discuss the results and implications and make the model available for your own use.

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The origin story of AI for Radiology and a market summary

14 Sept. 2021 by Kicky van Leeuwen

The market of artificial intelligence (AI) software for radiology keeps growing which makes it difficult for pretty much anyone in the field to maintain oversight. That's where AI for Radiology comes in. Read more about what we aim to do, how we do it, and learn what products are on the market today.

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