The mission of our medical professionals and data scientists is to improve patient outcomes by using data to their maximum potential. Every time a doctor makes a diagnosis, they are solving a complex data problem. AZmed’s goal is to help them solve it quicker and more accurate. Our convolutional neural network technologies are inspired by the human brain to analyze large datasets to automatically discover underlying patterns. AZmed's technology reviews thousands of images to automatically learn how to identify different pathologies without any human intervention.

Company specifications

Company name AZmed
Founded 2018
Head office Paris, France
Website https://www.azmed.co/
Contact contact@azmed.co

Products by this company

Subspeciality: MSK
Modality: X-ray

Fracture detection

AZmed has developed Rayvolve, an AI software that detects bone lesions on standard radiographs. Rayvolve is a SaaS product and is integrated into the radiologist's workflow.

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