Combinostics provides tools to help radiologists and neurologists diagnose and track progression of disease in the area of dementia, MS and other neurodegenerative diseases.

Combinostics’ cNeuro® is cloud-based and includes two modules. cNeuro® cMRI is used by radiologists for quantitative evaluation MRI brain images. cNeuro® cDSI is a tool for neurologists providing differential diagnostics and prediction of progression based on combining brain imaging biomarkers, in-vitro biomarkers and clinical data and comparing all data with a database of previously diagnosed patients.

Company specifications

Company name Combinostics
Founded 2014
Head office Tampere, Finland
Website http://www.cneuro.com
Contact contact@combinostics.com

Products by this company

Subspeciality: Neuro
Modality: MR

brain region quantification (133 regions), vascular burden quantification, report generation, ...

cNeuro cMRI is a tool for quantitative assessment of MRI brain images. Volumes of 133 brain structures, as well as disease specific biomarkers are extracted from T1 images and white matter ...

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