Kheiron Medical Technologies

Our mission is to help breast cancer patients live longer, better lives through earlier detection. We combine new deep learning methods, data science and radiology insights to help doctors find malignancies in mammograms. According to external clinical trial results, Kheiron’s deep learning technology achieves state-of-the-art malignancy detection support in breast cancer screening.

Company specifications

Company name Kheiron Medical Technologies
Founded 2016
Head office London, United Kingdom
Website http://www.kheironmed.com/
Contact info@kheironmed.com

Products by this company

Subspeciality: Breast
Modality: Mammography

recall suggestion, suspicious region marking

Mia focusses on the clinical decision, to recall or not to recall, in breast screening. - Case-Wise recall suggestion: Suggests a decision for the entire case, the same as an expert mammographer - ...

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