Volpara Solutions

Volpara Health Technologies (Volpara) is a leading provider of breast imaging analytics and analysis products that improve clinical decision-making and the early detection of breast cancer. Every day, Volpara software helps clinicians better understand their patients and administrators better understand their practices.

With a diverse research team led by internationally recognised experts in medical physics, as well as proprietary medical imaging technology covered by multiple patents and trade marks, we apply science to the solving of clinical problems around the world.

Company specifications

Company name Volpara Solutions
Founded 2009
Head office Wellington, New Zealand
Website https://volparasolutions.com/
Contact info@volparasolutions.com

Products by this company

Subspeciality: Breast
Modality: Mammography

breast density quantification, BI-RADS, BI-RADS breast density category.

Volpara is a software application intended for use with digital breast x-ray systems, including tomosynthesis. Volpara calculates and quantifies volumetric breast density as a ratio of fibroglandular ...

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