HeartFlow, Inc., is a digital health company redefining the way heart disease is diagnosed and treated. Our non-invasive HeartFlow FFRct Analysis leverages deep learning to create a personalized 3D model of the heart. By using this model, clinicians can better evaluate the impact a blockage has on blood flow and determine the best treatment for patients. Our technology incorporates decades of scientific evidence with the latest advances in artificial intelligence. The HeartFlow FFRct Analysis is commercially available in the United States, Europe, Japan and Canada.

Company specifications

Company name HeartFlow
Founded 2007
Head office Redwood City, United States
Website https://www.heartflow.com/
Contact info@heartflow.com

Products by this company

Subspeciality: Cardiac
Modality: CT

FFR score estimation

The HeartFlow Analysis is a coronary physiologic simulation software for the clinical quantitative and qualitative analysis of previously acquired Computed Tomography DICOM data for clinically stable ...

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