mediaire was founded in 2018 in Berlin by two MRI experts, Dr. Andreas Lemke and Dr. Jörg Döpfert, to revolutionize the daily life of radiologists through a unique software. mediaire’s mission is to improve the workflow in radiology and subsequently, the patient’s outcome through more efficient, quantitative image analysis.

Company specifications

Company name mediaire
Founded 2018
Head office Berlin, Germany
Website https://mediaire.de/en/
Contact info@mediaire.de

Products by this company

Subspeciality: Neuro
Modality: MR

brain volume quantification (global, regional down to Hippocampus, ventricles), white/grey matter ...

mdbrain is a software solution powered by artificial intelligence (AI) for volumetric brain analysis and the characterization of white matter lesions. It uses a combination of several deep learning ...

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