ImageBiopsy Lab

Knee Osteoarthritis Labeling Assistant. Osteoarthritis is a paralyzing joint disease that can lead to joint replacement. Early detection as well as therapy can prevent unnecessary surgeries. Image Biopsy's lab module KOALA detects signs of knee osteoarthritis based on standard joint parameters and OARSI criteria of standing radiographs of the knee.
Product specifications Information source: Vendor
Last updated: March 1, 2023
Product name IB Lab KOALA
Company ImageBiopsy Lab
Subspeciality MSK
Modality X-ray
Disease targeted Knee osteoarthritis (OA)
Key-features Osteoarthritis detection, Kellgren & Lawrence classification, OARSI classification
Suggested use Before: stratifying reading process (non, single, double read), Without interference of a radiologist: AI-only diagnosis
Data characteristics
Population Any adult knee with suspician of knee osteoarthritis.
Input Standing, fixed-flexion AP radiographs of the knee
Input format DICOM
Output overlay, visual output report, text report in RIS (RIS-templates can be pre-defined)
Output format DICOM Secondary Capture, pdf, structured report
Integration Integration in standard reading environment (PACS), Integration RIS (Radiological Information System), Integration CIS (Clinical Information System), Integration via AI marketplace or distribution platform, Stand-alone third party application, Stand-alone webbased
Deployment Locally on dedicated hardware, Locally virtualized (virtual machine, docker), Cloud-based, Hybrid solution
Trigger for analysis Automatically, right after the image acquisition, On demand, triggered by a user through e.g. a button click, image upload, etc.
Processing time 10 - 60 seconds
Certified, Class I , MDD
510(k) cleared, Class II
Market presence
On market since 08-2019
Distribution channels Nuance, Eureka Clinical AI, Ambra Health, Philips Intellispace, syngo.via, Alma HEALTH PLATFORM, Incepto, CARPL.ai, Osimis
Countries present (clinical, non-research use) 10
Paying clinical customers (institutes) 45
Research/test users (institutes) 5
Pricing model Pay-per-use, Subscription
Based on Number of analyses
Peer reviewed papers on performance

  • Artificial-Intelligence-Aided Radiographic Diagnostic of Knee Osteoarthritis Leads to a Higher Association of Clinical Findings with Diagnostic Ratings (read)

  • Automated Knee Osteoarthritis Assessment Increases Physicians’ Agreement Rate and Accuracy: Data from the Osteoarthritis Initiative (read)

  • Artificial intelligence-based computer-aided system for knee osteoarthritis assessment increases experienced orthopaedic surgeons' agreement rate and accuracy (read)

Non-peer reviewed papers on performance
Other relevant papers

  • Artificial intelligence in osteoarthritis: repair by knee joint distraction shows association of pain, radiographic and immunological outcomes (read)