Vara's Decision Referral Pathway ensures that each mammogram is analysed by AI and classified into one of three categories: "normal" (AI is confident there are no suspicious signs), "no classification" (AI is not confident about a classification), or "Safety Net" (AI is confident that it is highly suspicious). Vara pre-screens normal mammograms with very high confidence (pre-fills the report), allowing the reader to focus on potentially suspicious exams. Vara also post-screens mammograms with very high confidence for potentially missed exams (only triggered if the reader assigns BI-RADS <3).
Product specifications Information source: Vendor
Last updated: June 23, 2022
Product name Vara
Company Vara (MX Healthcare GmbH)
Subspeciality Breast
Modality Mammography
Disease targeted Breast cancer
Key-features Triaging normal exams, safety net, report generation, AI-based workflow
Suggested use Before: stratifying reading process (non, single, double read), adapting worklist order
During: report suggestion
After: diagnosis verification
Without interference of a radiologist: AI-only diagnosis
Data characteristics
Population Women of screening age
Input 2D mammograms of a screening study incl. prior images and patient history
Input format DICOM
Output Draft radiology report, segmentation overlay, model score, triaging recommendation, cancer recommendation
Output format Proprietary viewer and worklist, HL7/XML/JSON
Integration Integration RIS (Radiological Information System), Stand-alone webbased
Deployment Cloud-based
Trigger for analysis Automatically, right after the image acquisition
Processing time
Certified, Class IIb , MDR
No or not yet
Market presence
On market since 10-2019
Distribution channels
Countries present (clinical, non-research use)
Paying clinical customers (institutes)
Research/test users (institutes)
Pricing model
Based on
Peer reviewed papers on performance

  • Combining the strengths of radiologists and AI for breast cancer screening : a retrospective analysis (read)

  • AI-based prevention of interval cancers in a national mammography screening program (read)

Non-peer reviewed papers on performance
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