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van Leeuwen, K.G., Schalekamp, S., Rutten, M.J.C.M. et al. Artificial intelligence in radiology: 100 commercially available products and their scientific evidence. Eur Radiol 31, 3797–3804 (2021). https://doi.org/10.1007/s00330-021-07892-z


The supply of commercial software products based on artificial intelligence for radiology has rapidly increased. For the potential customers, it might not always be clear what is out there, at what maturity level and what experience users have with it. Therefore, we want to increase transparency in the available AI software for radiology in Europe and aid the selection and implementation of such software.


We aim to provide a complete overview of available AI based software for clinical radiology practice. The focus is on the European market, therefore CE certification is a requirement for software to be on the main product page. The website will be extended with more information on how to select the right software product for your situation.


Software suppliers have been asked to provide information about their products to be placed on the website. If not provided, the company and product profile will be more limited and consisting of public information (from e.g. websites, news articles, etc.). It is notified whether or not the data was verified for by the vendor. Also the date of most recent update is mentioned.


The data aggregation and maintenance of this website is performed by the Diagnostic Image Analysis Group (DIAG) from the Radboud university medical center in the Netherlands. DIAG is a research group and we have no commercial interest in this project.

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Focused on Radiology or Nuclear Medicine
Contains machine learning components
Mainly intended for clinical use
CE marked
Distribution platforms or market places
Research software
Imaging software applied during acquisition, intervention or surgery
Dictation software