Grand Challenge

A platform for end-to-end development of machine learning solutions in biomedical imaging.

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Manage Your Data

  • Upload medical imaging data easily and securely
  • Control who has access to the data
  • View data with our globally available browser-based workstations

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Train Expert Annotators

  • Create sets of questions that users must answer about a dataset
  • Invite clinical experts take part in the training
  • Deliver immediate feedback on performance

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Gather Annotations

  • Create your own set of questions for your dataset
  • Customise the hanging protocols and overlays
  • Use our intuitive workstations to view and report the images

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Benchmark Algorithms

  • Manage your annotated training, test and validation data sets
  • Gather machine learning solutions for your clinical question
  • Objectively assess the performance of algorithms

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Deploy Your Algorithms

  • Upload algorithm container images
  • Manage access for clinical and non-clinical researchers
  • Upload data for execution by your algorithm on our infrastructure

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Find Certified Solutions

  • Filter to easily find solutions to your clinical questions
  • Compare product specifications
  • Verify CE and FDA certification

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Latest Blog Posts

AI challenges, data, and algorithms

4 March 2021 by Bram van Ginneken

Presentation by Bram van Ginneken held during the European Congress of Radiology 2021 on the how and why of challenges in medical image analysis.

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Why Challenges?

14 Feb. 2021 by Keelin Murphy and Bram van Ginneken

This is an updated version of blog post made years ago when we launched our platform It makes the case for challenges and provides some advice for those interested in setting up their own challenge.

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