Challenge Policy & Pricing

Join a thriving community

With an active user base of over 90.000 medical imaging researchers and professionals worldwide, and 300+ hosted Challenges, Grand Challenge is a seasoned platform, providing a reservoir of experience in orchestrating and hosting challenges.

Stop worrying about the infrastructure

Your challenge is always accessible, worldwide, 24/7
Your data is securely stored and is encrypted both at rest and in transit
Submitted algorithms are effortlessly run in a secure, fortified environment. These environments are tested and reviewed: they go well beyond relying on the container boundaries
Challenge submissions are evaluated on demand and at scale, with metrics appearing on your live leaderboard automatically, without you having to lift a finger

You provide the data and focus on the innovation!

We provide the rest:

Robust tools for user management

Including cheating detection and account verification, to ensure a fair challenge competition

Discussion forums and a direct messaging service

Stay connected with your participants

Long-term impact

Ensure lasting impact with persistent algorithm solutions. Algorithms submitted to the challenge remain easily accessible to clinicians and researchers beyond the challenge

A highly scalable compute infrastructure tailored to the needs of your challenge

Choose from a range of GPU and memory options, enforce time limits for participants' solutions and get insights into computation metrics

Automated evaluation

Bring your own code to evaluate and rank submissions to your challenge, giving you complete freedom of judging.

Real-time leaderboards

Keep participants motivated by providing timely feedback on their algorithm's performance

Setting up a challenge has never been easier!

You benefit from:

Expert guidance

Receive expert review and advice on setting up a successful challenge

Personalized onboarding

Meet with our technical team and get custom-tailored templates to get you started quickly

Dedicated support

Benefit from direct support for the duration of your challenge

Peace of mind

We guarantee that your challenge will run smoothly, with submissions evaluated promptly and securely

What do we ask in return?

At Grand Challenge, we are committed to maintaining and continuously enhancing our platform to serve the research community effectively. Therefore, we ask organizers of challenges to contribute towards both the costs associated with running the challenge as well as the open-source development of the platform.

Base Contribution (€5K)


Capacity Reservation (variable)

The base contribution of 5000 Euros is used to fund platform maintenance and development as well as additional infrastructure costs for keeping your challenge running both short and long-term.

The capacity reservation covers compute power and storage space in our AWS backend. The capacity reservation charges differ on a per-challenge basis and are invoiced up-front. An estimate of those costs is calculated as part of our challenge request procedure.

Capacity reservations are non-refundable and expire in the same calendar year as the date of issue of the invoice.

If a challenge ends up exceeding their capacity reservation, we reserve the right to reduce the costs, for example, by limiting the number of submissions allowed or closing the challenge.

Unleash the full potential of your medical imaging AI challenge with Grand Challenge.

Let us handle the logistics while you focus on driving innovation and impact in the field of medical imaging.

Get started today!

We realize that a lot of our users are academics and might have limited funding available. We are open to long-term partnerships with academic institutions, research groups, and other organizations, e.g., conferences, interested in using to run challenges, to jointly further develop and maintain Contact us to discuss the options.