Critical Care Suite

GE Healthcare

**Currently only available with GE Healthcare systems.**
Critical Care Suite, powered by Edison, is a collection of AI algorithms for triage and quality control embedded on an X-ray system. The on-device artificial intelligence solution is designed to identify and help prioritize critical cases such as pneumothorax.

In addition to pneumothorax detection, the application also includes Quality Care Suite algorithms that operate in parallel and aids by automatically rotating images as well as analyzing and flagging protocol and field of view errors
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Last updated: Sept. 13, 2020
Product name Critical Care Suite
Company GE Healthcare
Subspeciality Chest
Modality X-ray
Disease targeted pneumothorax
Key-features Pneumothorax detection, on-device notifications, worklist prioritization, quality checks on acquired image, Intelligent Protocol Check, Intelligent Auto Rotate, Intelligent Field of View
Suggested use Before: adapting worklist order, flagging acute findings, image quality checks
During: perception aid (prompting all abnormalities/results/heatmaps), interactive decision support (shows abnormalities/results only on demand)
Data characteristics
Population Adult-size patients
Input Frontal Chest X-rays, PA/AP, 2D, acquired on mobile or fixed X-ray systems
Input format DICOM
Output on-device notifications, flagging of pneumothorax and insufficient image quality (mismatch between acquisition protocol & acquired image, lung field is incomplete), auto-rotated image, AI prediction score, image overlay
Output format DICOM, secondary capture DICOM, public DICOM tags
Integration Stand-alone third party application
Deployment Locally on dedicated hardware: embedded in X-ray device (software upgrade to GE’s AMX 240 mobile X-ray system and the Definium 646 HD and Definium 656 HD fixed X-ray systems
Trigger for analysis Automatically, right after the image acquisition
Processing time < 3 sec
Certified, Class IIa , MDD
510(k) cleared, Class II
Market presence
On market since 09-2019
Distribution channels
Countries present (clinical, non-research use)
Paying clinical customers (institutes)
Research/test users (institutes)
Pricing model One-off payment
Based on Number of devices
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