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Dec. 15, 2021, 10:40 p.m.
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Xie W, Jacobs C, Charbonnier J-P, van Ginneken B. Structure and position-aware graph neural network for airway labeling. arXiv. Published online January 13, 2022.
  • Airway Segmentation  (A segmented airway tree, where individual branches are extracted and assigned a random unique value larger than 0, from 1 at the trachea to to a larger value in its descendants.)
  • Labeled Airway Segmentation  (A labeled airway segmentation, in which 18-segmental branches are labeled with 0: 'background', 1: 'rest', 2: 'RB1', 3: 'RB2', 4: 'RB3', 5: 'RB4', 6: 'RB5', 7: 'RB6', 8: 'RB7', 9: 'RB8', 10: 'RB9', 11: 'RB10', 12: 'LB1+2', 14: 'LB3', 15: 'LB4', 16: 'LB5', 17: 'LB6', 18: 'LB7+8', 20: 'LB9', 21: 'LB10', 22: 'RMB', 23: 'LMB', 24:"Trachea". Note: 13 and 19 are collapsed into 12 and 18, respectively.)

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