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March 3, 2022, 12:44 p.m.
  • Color Fundus Image  (Retinal color fundus image (CFI))
  • Multiple Referable Glaucoma Likelihoods  (List of values between 0 and 1 inclusive reflecting the likelihood of referable glaucoma.)
  • Multiple Referable Glaucoma Binary Decisions  (List of binary decisions on referable glaucoma presence)
  • Multiple Ungradability Scores  (List of non-thresholded scalar values that are positively correlated with the likelihood for ungradability (e.g. the entropy of a probability vector or the variance of an ensemble))
  • Multiple Ungradability Binary Decisions  (List of binary decisions on ungradability)

Challenge Performance

Date Challenge Phase Rank
Feb. 24, 2022 AIROGS Preliminary Test Phase 1 1
March 3, 2022 AIROGS Preliminary Test Phase 2 40
March 3, 2022 AIROGS Final Test Phase 13

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Validation and Performance

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This algorithm was developed for research purposes only.


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Information on this algorithm has been provided by the Algorithm Editors, following the Model Facts labels guidelines from Sendak, M.P., Gao, M., Brajer, N. et al. Presenting machine learning model information to clinical end users with model facts labels. npj Digit. Med. 3, 41 (2020). 10.1038/s41746-020-0253-3