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April 13, 2021, 7:17 a.m.
Associated publications:
Jacobs C, Setio AAA, Scholten ET, et al.. Deep Learning for Lung Cancer Detection on Screening CT Scans: Results of a Large-Scale Public Competition and an Observer Study with 11 Radiologists. Radiology: Artificial Intelligence. 2021;3(6).
Liao F, Liang M, Li Z, Hu X, Song S. Evaluate the Malignancy of Pulmonary Nodules Using the 3-D Deep Leaky Noisy-OR Network. IEEE Trans Neural Netw Learning Syst. 2019;30(11):3484-3495.
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This algorithm analyzes non-contrast CT scans of the thorax and predicts the lung cancer risk. The algorithm is described in this publication by Fangzhou Liao, Ming Liang, Zhe Li, and Xiaolin Hu and the code is publicly available on Github.

This algorithm was developed as part of the Kaggle Data Science Bowl in 2017 and won the first place in this challenge.

Image courtesy of Fangzhou Liao et al. in the previously mentioned paper.

Uses and Directions

This algorithm was developed for research purposes only.