Vertebral Fracture Assessment

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Last updated:
Aug. 23, 2021, 4:49 p.m.
  • CT Image  (Any CT image)
  • Vertebral Body  (0: background, 1-7: C1-C7, 8-19: T1-T12, 20-25: L1-L6, and 101-125 for partially visible vertebrae.)
  • Generic Overlay  (An overlay of unknown type. Legacy, please use alternative interfaces.)
  • Results JSON File  (A collection of results of unknown type. Legacy, if possible please use alternative interfaces.)

This algorithm identifies vertebral compression fractures and predicts fractures grades following the commonly used Genant classification.

Please feel free to contact Nikolas Lessmann for help with trying out the algorithm, or if you would like to use it on a larger set of images.

Uses and Directions

This algorithm was developed for research purposes only.