The authors of this site are Bram van GinnekenSjoerd Kerkstra, and James Meakin

The studies described on this web site have been made possible through a massive investment of time and effort by many members of the medical image analysis research community. Organizing a challenge is complex and very time consuming. The organizers of all challenges are mentioned at the web sites on the All Challenges page. On this site, images from these web sites have been used as illustrations.

Clinical collaborators have made it possible to collect, annotate and distribute the data sets used in all these comparative studies. Many clinicians have actively participated in the definition and design of these challenges. They are the users of the algorithms we develop and they are instrumental in pointing algorithm developers to the right problem.

Many companies in medical image analysis have supported and funded these events (and actively participated as well). Without this support, it would be impossible to award prizes.

MICCAI, ISBI, and SPIE Medical Imaging, amongst others, have hosted challenge events. Leading journals such as IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging and Medical Image Analysis have welcomed overview papers that described the results of individual challenges.

Finally, we'd like to thank all the participants. So many groups from all over the world have mustered the courage to participate and see how their algorithm fares in a direct comparison with others. Their enthusiasm is the most important factor that makes grand challenges in medical image analysis possible.