April 2023 Cycle Report

Published 26 April 2023

In this April cycle, the research-software engineer team has realized these new features:

  • A new constrained number input for reader studies
  • Editing metadata of annotations in reader studies
  • Browser-native history support when context switching
  • Algorithm-image management for activating image

Grand Challenge

Algorithm Image Management

After the next Grand Challenge release, editors of algorithms will be able to switch back to older algorithm container versions without having to re-upload the container image.

To do so, go to the containers tab on your algorithm page, select the container you would like to activate, and click on "Activate algorithm image".

Note that this is only possible for valid container images and that it might take a while to reactive an old image since this process involves reuploading the image to our AWS container registry.

CIRRUS viewer

Number Input

This cycle, we implemented a new feature to set the maximum value, minimum value, and step size of number-type answers in reader studies.

To apply these limits in your reader study, select 'Number input' as a widget for a Number-type question and configure the relevant settings.

The answers your readers will give, will be validated according to these settings.

Reference the readerstudy question documentation for more information.

Metadata Editing

In the past, annotation metadata could always be seen by users but was not editable. However, in this cycle we've made it possible for users in reader studies to edit annotation metadata, allowing for greater flexibility and accuracy in the annotation process.

Adding this possibility resulted in a very cluttered user interface. As such, we've revamped how annotations are represented in various places in the user interface.

Browser-Native History

We are excited to announce the implementation of a new feature that will make context switching on Grand Challenge a more seamless experience. Context switching is the feature where CIRRUS reuses an already running workstation when viewing archive items or algorithm results (introduced in the January cycle).

Previously, when using context switching on our platform, the URL of the page would not change. This resulted in users experiencing unexpected page loads when trying to refresh the page or navigate back and forth using the browser history.

To solve this issue, we have implemented browser native history support. Now, when switching context, the page will navigate to the new context, which will change the current URL and add the previous page to the browser history. This means that refreshing the page or using browser history navigation will now function as expected.

To ensure a smooth transition, this feature will be rolled out gradually over the next two releases. It will be fully active when CIRRUS and Grand Challenge v2023.05 are released.