January 2023 Cycle Report

Published 15 Feb. 2023

Reuse existing images

On the Grand Challenge side, we worked on a Flexible Image widget that will allow you to choose an existing image next to the conventional option of uploading a new image when trying out an algorithm, or creating or editing an archive item or display set image.

The list of images you can choose from will consist of all images you have view permissions for, which include: - images that are part of an archive or reader study that you have access to (either as editor, uploader or user/reader) - input and output images from algorithm jobs that you have view permission for

You will be able to filter the images by name and pk.

Note that the option to choose an existing image will not be available if you upload in batch mode, only when you upload single cases.

Faster viewing of algorithm results

Running CIRRUS workstations are now reused while browsing algorithm results on grand-challenge.

When you click on an algorithm result on grand-challenge and you already have a running CIRRUS instance in another browser tab, that running CIRRUS instance will be used to open and view the algorithm result. This accelerates the loading times for algorithm results because you no longer need to wait for a new CIRRUS instance to load. Alternatively, you can use Ctrl + Click to force grand-challenge to open a new CIRRUS instance. This can be useful if you want to compare results in two browser windows.

Cover photo by Wolfgang Hasselmann on Unsplash