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November 2022 Cycle Report

29 Nov. 2022 by Miriam Groeneveld

Only bug fixes for the viewer in this cycle, as most effort has gone to the development of Grand Challenge Connect, presented at RSNA! A lot of interesting and exciting developments, so make sure to check out the dedicated blogpost.

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Grand Challenge at RSNA 2022

23 Nov. 2022 by James Meakin

Radboudumc will be at RSNA to present the latest developments of Grand Challenge, building on Amazon HealthLake Imaging. Visit us for a hands-on demo at the AWS Booth (6758) between 27-30 November 2022 at McCormick Place in Chicago.

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October 2022 Cycle Report

1 Nov. 2022 by Miriam Groeneveld

A relatively small update as we are working hard on something new and exciting, which will be revealed next cycle!

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How to run a challenge? MICCAI webinar on Oct 25th 2022

20 Oct. 2022 by Anne Mickan, Kiran Vaidhya Venkadesh and Bram van Ginneken

The MICCAI Special Interest Group (SIG) for Challenges is hosting a webinar on How to run a challenge? on Oct 25th, 2022 at 1 pm GMT. Bram van Ginneken, Kiran Vaidhya Venkadesh, and Anindo Saha will present how to use Grand Challenge for organizing high-profile challenges. Jake Albrecht from Sage will present tips for challenge organizers on how to define a successful community challenge. Join us! Free registration is available at

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STOIC2021 results webinar

12 Oct. 2022 by Luuk Boulogne and Bram van Ginneken

On October 18th at 3pm CEST, the winners of STOIC2021 will receive their prizes and present their solutions!

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September 2022 Cycle Report

26 Sept. 2022 by Miriam Groeneveld

Highlights include the addition of an angle tool, a rotate tool for pathology images and displaying probability scores for annotations.

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August 2022 Cycle Report

22 Aug. 2022 by Miriam Groeneveld

Highlights include the option to send an algorithm result to a reader study, using non-image type values in reader studies, the option to send feedback and more.

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June 2022 Cycle Report

8 Aug. 2022 by Miriam Groeneveld, Chris van Run, Harm van Zeeland, James Meakin, Paul K. Gerke and Anne Mickan

Highlights include improvements in type 2 challenge submission workflow, creating non-binary masks, adding static annotations to reader studies and more.

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May 2022 Cycle Report

5 July 2022 by Miriam Groeneveld, Harm van Zeeland and Chris van Run

Highlights include viewing a reader's answers, providing default answers for questions in a reader study, starting a reader study at a specific display set and more.

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Spring Newsletter 2022

11 April 2022 by Megan Schuurmans, Anne Mickan, Joeran Bosma, Kiran Vaidhya Venkadesh, Bram van Ginneken, Khrystyna Faryna and Daan Schouten

Hi all! With this newsletter we want to update you on all progress made for Grand Challenge: new features, interesting new blogposts and algorithms, upcoming challenges and the leaderboards of finished challenges.

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Can you predict who will develop severe COVID-19 from a chest CT scan?

16 Dec. 2021 by Bram van Ginneken, Alexander Lemm, Luuk Boulogne and Anne Mickan

Last week, we opened STOIC2021: A COVID-19 AI challenge with 10,000 CT scans. Together with its participants, we aim to find the best solution for predicting who will develop severe COVID-19 from a chest CT scan. We will make the final solution easily accessible for everyone. In total, $20,000 in AWS Credits will be awarded to the winning teams.

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