March 2024 Cycle Report

Published 4 March 2024

Grand Challenge features

Direct Messages for Reader Studies

Administrators of Reader Studies can now send direct messages to the Readers of their Study by navigating to the list of Readers and clicking the Message User button:

A red dot will be displayed next to the Messages icon when you have received new messages:

In order to comply with new regulations from Gmail and Yahoo Mail, we have added a more convenient way to unsubscribe from subscription emails on Grand Challenge. The next time you receive a newsletter email or an email about unread notifications, you can unsubscribe in just one click through a link in the footer of that email. No need to login and navigate to your profile settings any longer. Your email client might also start displaying an unsubscribe button next to the sender information in the email.

Cirrus features

Support for viewing PDF reports and Vega-Lite charts

Data on Grand Challenge comes in many forms, among which PDF reports and chart information. These types of data can now be added to view items, and Cirrus will display this data next to your images. For example, below an example of a PDF and a simple chart in Cirrus:

Vega-Lite is a simple JSON-based format that is surprisingly powerful:

See these examples for inspiration.

To use these new viewing features, add the chart data or PDF data to your display sets, archive items, or algorithm inputs or outputs. Make sure they are added with the correct Component Interface, and add the viewport assignment in the View content settings. See our documentation page for the details.

Blank answer confirmation

Reader studies often have multiple questions that should be answered in tandem. For example, if a nodule is found, it should not only be marked but also given a severity scale. Sometimes readers forget to answer questions: they mark the nodule but forget the severity scale.

To solve this we have introduced empty answer confirmation. When enabled for a question Cirrus will prompt the user to confirm an empty answer. We hope this helps to reduce incomplete answers.

You can set the label for the confirmation checkbox, an empty answer and not checking the checkbox will give a validation error:

Three-point angle annotations

During the December cycle, we implemented a new "Three-point angle" annotation-type.

This type now can also be used in archives and as algorithm result and be viewed in CIRRUS.

Cover photo by Bernd 📷 Dittrich on Unsplash