September 2023 Cycle Report

Published 12 Sept. 2023

Optional hanging protocols

In the settings of algorithms, archives, and reader studies it is now possible to set the "optional hanging protocols" field. Besides setting the default hanging protocol you can use this field to select extra hanging protocols that will be selectable by the user. When you select some hanging protocols there, a new plugin will show up in the sidebar of the viewer containing a dropdown with all those hanging protocols. The user can then switch between hanging protocols by selecting them in the dropdown.

Enable hiding annotation in edit mode

When editing a mask, it can sometimes be hard to double-check if you are masking the correct and interesting parts. This cycle we've made some work to ensure that one can also hide annotations while editing them. Most useful when creating masks. Of course, when hiding annotations it is not possible to edit them. Either hit the 'Hide all annotations' button or the keybinding Alt+T to start hiding them.

Fixed Polygon to Mask Conversion

The conversion from polygons to masks had experienced a malfunction for a period. This functionality, crucial for Reader Studies, allowed readers to seamlessly transition to the polygon editor while responding to Mask questions, granting access to specific features unique to the polygon editor, like auto-snapping. Fortunately, the root problem has been resolved, reinstating the reader's ability to utilize this feature once more.

Cover photo by Icarus Hoog on Unsplash