October 2022 Cycle Report

Published 1 Nov. 2022

A relatively small update as we are working hard on something new and exciting, which will be revealed next cycle! So keep an eye out for the November Cycle Report ✨

About and Help menu

Previously, the application information of the viewer was not readily available in the viewer itself; the version of the viewer was transposed on the view port, the name of the viewer was only retrievable by inspecting the URL, and the used viewer configuration was only available via Grand Challenge. Similarly, the information on the logged-in user did not match the information on Grand Challenge. We redesigned those two menu items, the Help menu offers links to the documentation page, feedback form, and "about" information, and lists the viewer name, version and configuration. The User menu no longer shows the name, but matches Grand Challenge with the same user icon, and offers links to the user profile and log out page.

Rotate pathology images freely

The September release included the Rotate tool for pathology images, giving users the option to rotate these images by 90 degree steps. We have updated the tool, adding the option to rotate by any degree, and gave the design of the tool a slight make-over.

Extra keybindings for display tool

We added the option to add keybindings for switching Look up tables, so switching between Look up tables is now possible with a single key press.

Cover photo by Clint Patterson on Unsplash