May 2024 Cycle Report

Published 13 May 2024

Grand Challenge features

Dependent challenge phases

Up until now challenge phases were always independent from one another, meaning that submissions to one phase did not affect submissions to another. This cycle, we added the option to link two or more phases of a challenge together. If a phase is dependent on another, submissions to that phase are only possible for algorithm images that were successfully submitted to the linked parent phase. With this option, you could for example enforce that participants need to have successfully submitted to the preliminary development phase of your challenge before being able to submit to the final test phase. Be careful though: enabling this dependency could prevent participants from submitting to the final phase on deadline day if the submission to the preliminary phase takes a long time and they submit shortly before the submission deadline.

To enable this, go to the Phase settings in your challenge admin and select a parent phase on the first tab. You can only choose from phases of the same challenge, submission type and with the same algorithm inputs and outputs configured.

User-friendly image set names

Display sets and archive items are identified by their GUID, but these are not very user-friendly. This cycle, we have added the option to give these image sets names, for easier identification. The names need to be unique within a Reader study or Archive, and will be displayed in Cirrus when set.

Cirrus features

Client-side Pathology viewer

In previous blog posts we have been reporting on the development of a client-rendered view item for pathology images. In previous cycles we worked on basic image viewing support, support for overlays, and creating and editing polygon annotations. This cycle we extended the viewer with support for point annotations, 2D bounding boxes, (interpolated) spline and line annotations and improved polygon annotations. We also fixed lots of small bugs and worked on writing unit tests to make the viewer more robust.

The viewitem can be enabled by selecting it in a custom hanging protocol and using it in your reader study, algorithm result viewing or archive item viewing. See our documentation for more details.

When viewing algorithm results in Cirrus, it was easy to loose track on which algorithm result you are viewing. We added a link to the algorithm on Grand Challenge, allowing easier navigation from Cirrus back to Grand Challenge.

Cover photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash