November 2022 Cycle Report

Published 29 Nov. 2022

A new tool and some bug fixes for the viewer in this cycle, while most effort has gone to the development of Grand Challenge Connect, presented at RSNA! A lot of interesting and exciting developments, so make sure to check out the dedicated blogpost

Swivel Tool

For general viewing, the axial, coronal, and sagittal orientations cover most 3D needs. However, in some cases, an orientation is required that no longer adheres to these basic orientations. This cycle support has been added for viewing sonography images with the development of the swivel tool. An opt-in toolbox tool that swivels around axes to change the image orientation arbitrarily. To enable it, check the 'show swivel tool' option in the workstation configuration for CIRRUS.

The swivel tool rotates one of the x, y, and z axes in the aviation equivalent of yaw, pitch, or roll. It pivots the axes around the view center point by default, whereas holding SHIFT will make the starting location of the cursor the pivot point.

Visiting previous orientations can be a challenge. To alleviate this somewhat, plane navigation has been added to the 2D bounding box. This entails that when you navigate to the center of gravity for these annotations the viewing plane is also matched and hence orientation is restored.

Fixed bugs

  • When tif files are uploaded to Grand Challenge, a dzi file is created to facilitate fast viewing. This process sometimes fails, resulting in duplicated dzi's, of which one is corrupted. Loading such a corrupt dzi would lead to errors in the viewer. This has been fixed, the viewer will now load the correct dzi.

  • The same dzi would be loaded at a slightly different size then tiff files, leading to an overlay "shift", where image and overlay do not match up perfectly. This issue has been resolved.

  • In the previous release we implemented a dzi loader. This loader did not take grayscale images into account, leading to errors when viewing these images. This has been fixed, the viewer now loads both color and grayscale dzi correctly.

Cover photo by Photo by Quentin Menini on Unsplash