September 2022 Cycle Report

Published 26 Sept. 2022

Rotate tool for pathology images

It is now possible to rotate pathology images by 90° steps. This is especially useful when viewing different stainings of the same tissue side by side, but one of them is scanned in a different direction. The combination of rotating and flipping allows you to align both images.

You can rotate an image by selecting the rotate tool from the toolbar, or by using the left mouse button while holding down the control button. When linked, all images will be rotated, when unlinked (using the L key), only the selected image will be rotated. You can link the images after rotating and/or flipping one of them to create a registration between them.

Improved labels for annotations

In this cycle, we have worked on the visible information for annotations in the viewer. The annotation properties 'name' and 'probability' are now visible both in the viewer as well as in the annotation list. Besides that, a few minor display details have changed.

Angle Measurement Tool

In a previous cycle Reader study answer types were extended with the Angle type. In this cycle, we've added a generic Angle tool.

This way, the viewer supports not only measuring distance but also measuring angles at all times, whether you are viewing an algorithm result or going through a reader study. Holding Shift allows for 45°-snapping when measuring an angle. This same Shift shortcut now also works for measuring distances.

First feedback request: Brush tool showing diameter instead of radius.

In a previous release we added the option for users to give feedback directly in the viewer (). We received our first request; to display the diameter of the brush tool, in some instances the radius was displayed. Thank you for the suggestion and feel free to make more!

Cover photo by anunay rai on Unsplash