For the Final Test Phsae, it is required to include a link to your publication or preprint with a brief description about the method that is used in your submission. We use similar guidelines for the publication or preprint as the first challenge that used Docker submissions through, MIDOG2021. It is preferably available on a preprint server of your choice (,,…). It should be around 2 pages in length and describe:

  • What your general algorithmic approach is
  • How you trained it
  • Any aspect that you think is new and interesting to know 🙂
  • (optionally) Your result on Preliminary Test Phase 2

As a reference / example of how your preprint may look like, please have a look at this preprint:

Wilm, F., Breininger, K., Aubreville, M: Domain Adversarial RetinaNet as a Reference Algorithm for the MItosis DOmain Generalization (MIDOG) Challenge,

You could use their LateX source code (zip file here). Please make sure to cite the official Rotterdam EyePACS AIROGS train set description ( in your publication or preprint.

The link should be included in the Final Phase Submission form under "Publication / Preprint".

The Final Test Phase opens at 08/02/2022, noon CET and closes at 01/03/2022, 23:59 CET.

We aim to write a summary paper about the challenge. The best performing teams will be allowed to choose a maximum of three persons to be co-author in this summary paper.