Congratulations to our top three teams in the MICCAI ATLAS Challenge. Teams had to submit to both the public test set (lesion segmentation leaderboard) and the hidden test set (docker evaluation leaderboard - now public!), and were ranked weighted with the hidden test set valued 4x compared to the public test set:

1st - CTRL
3rd - MIRC
4th- yileinus
5th - PLORAS
6th - BIA
7th - AICONS

We are also pleased to announce that everyone can now submit their Dockers to the Hidden Test Leaderboard once every 30 days for ongoing evaluation of your methods. In the spirit of promoting open science, reproducible research and collaboration, we request that you submit a brief abstract describing your method (and any updates you've made) as well as a link to your code on github in order for your evaluation to be made public. If you have any questions, you can post them here on the forum or email me at

We again thank and congratulate all the participants, and we look forward to continued submissions!

Best wishes,
Lei and the ATLAS team