The docker submission process for evaluating your algorithms on the hidden test dataset is now live - please carefully read the instructions for submitting here:

Note that we strongly recommend you test your docker submission on the "Sanity Check" phase FIRST to ensure your docker works as expected. You will only be allowed to submit to the full algorithm test phase ONE time.

The deadline for all phases of the competition, as well as completion of all MICCAI challenge rules, is now August 17, 2022 (see challenge rules here:

Final results and rankings will be announced at MICCAI! The top three performers will be notified in late August, as they will be selected to present at the MICCAI BrainLes workshop (, either virtually or in person (however the order of the top three will be announced after the talks at MICCAI).

Good luck and let us know if you have any questions!

Best wishes, Lei (