As we have mentioned, we will be writing a paper on the challenge, that we will submit to a top-tier journal.

The top 10 teams from each task have the opportunity to nominate authors to appear listed on the post-challenge manuscript or as part of the CoNIC consortium. To appear as a co-author, top teams must provide Docker containers of their method, as requested by email. As stated in the rules, participants who do not submit their container will also not be considered for prizes. For this, we require:

  • a) Docker container for each task submitted to the challenge
  • b) Docker container for each task run on a specified single split of the data with the following criteria:
  1. No ensemble of Test Time Augmentation
  2. No ensemble of cross-validation splits or using multiple checkpoints of the same model.
  3. The models must be retrained on a single split of the development set (provided in email).

Participants not finishing within the top 10 on any task will still be acknowledged in the paper, but will not be listed as a co-author.

We will provide further information on this in due course.

Important dates for top 10 teams: - Deadline for receiving the original submission containers ( docker (a) ): 24th March 23:59 GMT. - Deadline for receiving the new single split containers with no criteria ( docker (b) ): 4th April 23:59 GMT.