Dear participants,

Thanks again to those who participated in the challenge. We have now re-opened the portal to allow participants to once again submit to the challenge. Everything is the same as before and the test set remains completely unchanged. So, you will be able to compare your results with what others obtained in the compeition.

Please refer to the instructional videos here for guidance on how to prepare your submission.

However, there are 2 things that are slightly different to the original challenge submission

1) Change output path in the in the docker templete. This has been addressed in the docker-template branch in our GitHub repo. 2) When creating a new algorithm, this is now done within the challenge page, by selecting 'submit' and then going to the particular phase. Here, you will see an option with small text to make a new algorithm.

The above 2 points are mentioned in more detail in our new submission video at the bottom of this page.

Good luck 🍀