Dear participants,

we are approaching the final stage of the competition and therefore we would like to share some information with you:

Final Submission

The deadline for the final submission is 21/09/2023. We will allow two submission options in this process:

  • New: Submission as Grand Challenge algorithm. We encourage all participants to submit their solution as a Grand Challenge algorithm. This is basically a Docker container that contains the algorithm being trained and is run on the GC servers so that we can include a fair runtime calculation in our ranking. To simplify the process, we will provide a sample container in the next few days. More information about GC algorithms can be found HERE and HERE.

  • Submission of displacement fields. The participant calculates the displacement fields on the test data we publish and submits them to us by the deadline. Important: Since we cannot obtain information about the running time of the algorithm in this way, we will assign the measured highest running time of the GC algorithms to these submissions for statistical ranking.

We will rank your results according to the following metrics:

  • NLST:

    • Landmark-TRE, 30th percentile of Landmark-TRE, standard deviation of logarithmized Jacobian determinant, inference time.
  • ThoraxCBCT:

    • Dice, 30th percentile of Dice, Landmark-TRE, 30th percentile of Landmark-TRE, Standard deviation of logarithmized Jacobian Determinant, inference time.

The ranking will only be affected by relevant time differences (> 3 sec).


Learn2Reg workshop will be held on Sunday, October 8 at MICCAI, both in person and virtually. Snapshot evaluation winners and selected teams will have the opportunity to present their solutions in the form of a short talk (approximately 10 minutes) or as a poster. We ask all participants to fill out this form regarding their participation in the L2R workshop:

Please do not hesitate to contact us via email or here in the forum if you have any questions. Also, we would like to remind you of the opportunity to submit a paper to our special issue on image registration in the open-access MELBA journal until October 1:

Best regards,

Wiebke, Alessa, Mattias and Christoph