Dear participants,

we have opened the submission system for snapshot evaluation today. From today until August 6, you have time to upload the results on the validation set via Grand-Challenge and register in the leaderboard. The best results on August 6 (23:59 CEST) will get the opportunity to already secure a guaranteed presentation slot to present their solution at the L2R workshop at MICCAI 2023 in Vancouver. In doing so, we will select the best teams based on the snapshot validation based on the following criteria:

1. NLST: * Manual Landmarks (TRE, TRE30) * Automatically Generated Keypoints (TRE, TRE30) * Smoothness of deformation within the lung mask (SDlogJ)

2. ThoraxCBCT: * Automatically generated keypoints (TRE, TRE30) * Segmentation based (Dice, Dice30, HD95) * Smoothness of deformation (SDlogJ)

The final ranking will be calculated as before by a stochastic ranking taking into account the significance of individual metrics. The best 2 participants of each task, plus one wildcard, will receive an invitation for a talk.

We have opened submitting validation for both tasks and provide detailed instructions on their respective submission websites. We opened a new NLST task to both enable validation on manual landmarks as well as preserving all previous results. The best result of every participant on the old (L2R'22 NLST) task has been transferred to the new leaderboard.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

Best, Christoph