Dear Learn2Reg participants,

we are very excited that many teams have participated in this year's snapshot evaluation for Learn2Reg. Thanks for your contribution. We have released the results on the website ( Please keep in mind that this was not the final evaluation so keep on submitting. Also note that the scores are computed to include Dice/TRE, Haussdorff and Jacobi-Determinant (smoothness of deformations). Our initial pre-selection (in bold) comprises seven teams, but after the final evaluation, we will invite additional (high-scoring) participants - to give a talk during the workshop. In any case, all participants are invited to present their results during the poster session and they can submit a paper to the post-conference workshop LNCS proceedings (with a light review).

A few remarks for the final submission:

  • Only docker submissions will receive scores for their runtime!
  • We are rewarding the best submission over all tasks! Try to submit to as many tasks as possible. (you can see that all "empty" submissions are assigned the low "initial" scores)

Important Dates:
13th September 2021: submission of docker that computes displacement fields for test scans
20th September 2021: release of the results

We are looking forward to further submissions and an engaging discussion at the workshop.

Let us know if you have any queries. Best wishes,

Mattias, Lasse and Alessa