Please send an email to, containing the following information:

  1. Please send us a link to your docker image containing the latest version of SurgT_benchmarking configured to your algorithm. Make sure that the file src/ is updated;
  2. Team members (names + email) - One submission per team;
  3. Please attach a summary to be used in the final joint publication:
    • 1 paragraph describing the method with references (examples from VOT challenge)
    • 1 paragraph describing the datasets used for training
  • You will receive a confirmation email, so that you know that the submission has been received.

How to create a docker image?

  1. Download the docker_submission/ folder from the GitHub link: SurgT_challenge
  2. Create an environment requirements file docker_submission/surg_t_requirements.txt, to specify the libraries you used
    For conda: conda env export > surg_t_requirements.txt
    For virtualenv: pip freeze > surg_t_requirements.txt
  3. Edit line 60 in the Dockerfile to upload your code to the docker image
    Option 1: copy SurgTbenchmarking folder (containing your code) from your local computer to the docker image using: COPY [path/to/your/SurgT_benchmarking] /home/newuser/surg_t/
    Option 2: upload the SurgT
    benchmarking folder (containing your code) on GitHub and use: RUN git clone /home/newuser/surg_t/
  4. Run the following commands to build Docker and test it is working: sh , sh
  5. Compress docker image for uploading : docker save -o surgt.tar surgt:latest
  6. Upload the docker image .tar file to any remote file storage of choice Google Drive, Box, DropBox...;