Create your own Reader Study

To set up a Reader Study, you need an account on Click here to sign up or log in with your existing account. Once you are logged in, navigate to the Reader Studies page on to add your reader study.

If you do not see the button "Add a new reader study" please contact us to gain access.

Set-up options:
  • A square logo with a resolution of at least 640x640 px is required when you add your reader study.
  • If you are unsure about the Viewer, select "Viewer CIRRUS Core (Public)". You will find more information on CIRRUS below. An overview of available viewers can be found here.
  • Viewer configurations control the behaviour of the web viewer, for example, which buttons are visible, and which window level to show by default. This can be kept empty to get default options. You can browse and view the available configurations here.
  • Tick 'Is educational' if you want to teach your participants the right answer to each question. This requires uploading a ground truth later.
  • Make it public or not. It is recommended that you do not make the study public at first. You can run a reader study, invite participants and collect the results without making the reader study public. Publication is only needed when you want to make your Reader Study visible to all grand-challenge users, who can then request access to it. If you already know your participants you can keep the Reader Study private and invite them yourself (see 'Inviting participants' below)