Reader Studies

Reader Studies enable users to create an online medical image viewer which can be used for different purposes.

Reader Studies offer the following functionality:

  • Ability to upload and host a set of medical images along with questions
  • Invite participants to view the images and answer the questions
  • Store and export results

There are two types of Reader Studies:

  1. In a Regular Reader Study each participant is asked to answer questions about a number of medical images and the answers are recorded.
  2. An Educational Reader Study is meant as a teaching tool. It does everything a regular Reader Study does, and in addition gives the participant feedback on how they did on each question. An Educational Reader Study requires you to provide the correct answers for each question (see 'Uploading ground truth' below).

There are two types of users in Reader Studies:

  1. Editors: An editor is someone who can edit the reader study settings, add other editors, add and remove readers, add images and edit questions. A REader Study can have as many editors as you want.
  2. Readers: A reader is a user who participates in the study by creating an answer for each question and image in the study.