User types

Grand Challenge has role-based access. Depending on your role, you either get unrestricted or restricted access to certain functionality on Grand Challenge.

  • User: A user needs to request access to be able to use an algorithm. Access needs to be granted by the editor of the algorithm.
  • Editor: An editor is the creator of an algorithm. They have the ability to grant access to potential users, update the settings of the algorithm and upload a new container image for the algorithm.

More information on algorithms can be found here

  • Participant: In order to make submissions to a challenge, you need to join the challenge. Access needs to be granted by an administrator of the challenge. Once you've joined a challenge you can make submissions, and will be subscribed to the challenge forum and receive notifications about messages posted there.
  • Administrator: As an administrator you can edit the challenge settings and grant access to potential participants.

More information on challenges can be found here

Reader studies
  • Reader: A reader is a user who participates in the study by creating an answer for each question and image in the study.
  • Editor: An editor is someone who can edit the reader study settings, add other editors, add and remove readers, add images and edit questions.

More information on reader studies can be found here

  • User: A user can view the available set of medical images when granted access.
  • Uploader: An uploader has the same rights as a user, but is also able to upload new datasets.
  • Editor: An editor is someone who can edit the archive settings, add other editors, add and remove users and uploaders, and add datasets.

More information on archives can be found here