Viewer configuration

Create a viewer configuration

To create a viewer configuration, go to the viewer configurations and click on Add a new Viewer Configuration. If you do not see this button, please contact us at

Update your viewer configuration

To edit a viewer configuration go to the viewer configurations, click View for your viewer configuration. Scroll down and click Edit this viewer configuration. Make the changes you want and click Save.

💡Only the user that created the viewer configuration can edit it.

Update Keybindings

There is a large number of keybindings defined for Cirrus Core. To view the keybindings, start the viewer and click the icon in the top-right corner or the k key to bring up the overview. You can change the default keybindings in a session, but they won't be persistent. As an alternative you can add your custom keybindings to the viewer configuration. To do this edit the keybindings to your liking, then click the Copy JSON button in the Keybindings overview. This will copy the keybindings to your clipboard. Go to the edit page of your viewer configuration, scroll down to keybindings, switch the editor from Tree view to Code and paste the content of your clipboard. Click Save.

⚠️ All viewers that are using this viewer configuration will now have the updated keybindings.