Making a Challenge Submission

For Type 0 and Type 1 Challenges (read more about challenge types here), you can submit your predictions file(s) by navigating to the Submit tab as shown below. In this example, the sub-tab "Challenge" is a phase that accepts Type 0 or Type 1 submissions, and "Algorithm" is a phase that accepts Algorithm containers as submissions for a Type 2 Challenge.

Under the Submit tab, you will have a field to drag and drop your predictions or browse through your computer to upload the predictions.

For Type 2 Challenges, please navigate to the phase that accepts Algorithm submissions as shown in the example below. In this example, the sub-tab "Algorithms" is the phase that accepts Algorithm containers as Challenge submissions.

Under this sub-tab, you will have the option to select an already existing Algorithm on for which you are an editor. Additionally, you also have options to provide a brief description of your Algorithm in a PDF or attach publications to appear along with your Algorithm.

⚠️It is highly advisable to test your Algorithm containers locally before you upload your containers to For more instructions on creating your Algorithm containers, please check the documentation here. Please check this page for testing your containers locally.

⚠️Note that there are submission limits for each challenge. Submission limits are imposed to prevent abuse of the system and to prevent participants from iteratively optimizing on the test set by making multiple submissions. Also, note that we have limited computational resources and we'd like to keep our Challenges fair as described in this piece by the MIDOG2021 organizers.