Grand Challenge sends notifications about a number of different events:

Notification type Description
Access requests When a user requests access to one of your algorithms, archives, reader studies or challenges.
Request status updates When your access request to someone else's algorithm, archive, reader study or challenge has been accepted or rejected.
Forum activity When there are new topics in a challenge forum you are subscribed to, or replies to topics you follow in a particular forum.
⚠️ Note that you are automatically subscribed to the forums of challenges that you participate in and that you get subscribed to a topic in a forum when you post your first reply to the topic. You can of course also manually subscribe to topics and forums through the subscribe button on those pages.
Algorithm job status updates When an algorithm job that you (or one of your users) submitted fails.
Upload status updates When an image upload session you initiated fails.
Challenge submission status updates When your (or one of your participants') challenge submission completes, either successfully or unsuccessfully.

As an admin of a challenge, you also get notified when a participant tries to submit to a phase for which you have not yet uploaded a method container.

You can view your notifications by clicking on the bell icon in the navigation bar, or by navigating directly to the notifications page.

On the notification page, you can then inspect your notifications, mark them as read or unread and delete them as you wish.

Notification emails

If you have unread notifications from the last 24 hours, you get an email notifying you of those notifications. If you do not wish to receive such emails, you can turn them off in your profile settings: Your profile --> Edit profile and uncheck the Receive notification emails box. Note that unsubscribing from the email will not unsubscribe you from the notifications themselves, for that see the next section.

Unsubscribing from (specific) notifications

If you no longer wish to receive certain types of notifications, you can unsubscribe from them on the subscription page. To get there, click on 'Manage subscriptions' on the notifications page.

For each of the notification types listed above, you will see a separate subscription object, which you can delete to unsubscribe from notifications of its kind. You can filter the subscriptions by type to navigate through the list.

Notification type How to unsubscribe
Access requests To no longer receive notifications about access requests for archives, challenges and reader studies, delete the respective archive, challenge or reader study subscription. ⚠️ Note that if you unsubscribe from a challenge, you will also no longer receive notifications about missing method containers.
To stop access request notifications for algorithms delete the corresponding algorithm subscription marked as algorithm access requests in light grey.
Forum activity You can either unsubscribe from a forum or from specific topics within a forum.
⚠️ Note that if you unsubscribe from a forum, you will still receive notifications about replies to topics in this forum if you are subscribed to those topics. So if you want to unsubscribe fully from a forum, make sure to unsubscribe both from the forum itself and from all its topics that you are subscribed to.
Algorithm job status updates To no longer receive notifications about failed algorithm jobs, delete the respective algorithm subscription marked as algorithm job notifications in light grey.
Challenge submission status updates To no longer receive notifications about submissions to a particular challenge phase, delete the respective challenge phase subscription.

You cannot unsubscribe from request status updates or upload status updates.