Add custom pages

Custom pages for your challenge

When a new challenge is created, Grand Challenge automatically creates a general description page with the challenge title in it. You can edit this page by clicking the edit button on the page or by navigating to Admin → Pages. On the latter overview, you can also create new, additional pages, for example a page for submission guidelines or a page with a timeline for the challenge.

For any page, you have to provide a display title. When you first create a page, the display title you provide will be used for the url of the page. Special characters will be stripped from the name to construct the url, but will be kept and shown on the page and in the navigation tabs. Once created, the url cannot be changed anymore. When you change the title later on, the changes only affect what what is shown in the navigation tabs under the Info tab, not the url anymore.

You can choose to hide a page by selecting the option Hidden. Furthermore, you can also assign permissions to each page individually:

  • All: everybody can see this page, even users that are not participating in the challenge
  • Participants only
  • Administrators only

Editing content can be done through an html editor. For security reasons, we clean the html you enter and so it could be that not all content gets displayed as you intend. Always make sure to check your page after editing. The editing options displayed in the top bar of the editing window work as is, so these mark-ups will definitely work.

Finally, you can change the order of your pages. For that open the edit window for the page you want to move, scroll down to Move and select one of the options (up, down, first, last).