Interfaces are used to describe objects such as images, masks, annotations and other values used throughout Grand Challenge. They are used to define the inputs and outputs of algorithms, the display sets in a reader study, and the archive items in an archive. Interfaces are used to give meaning to objects. Consider for example an image uploaded to Grand Challenge. Without an interface, it can be any kind of image. By linking the interface Brain MRI to the image, it defines the type of image.

There are a number of interface types, which can be categorized in three types:

  1. Images, which are subdivided in
    • Images
    • Segmentations
    • Heat maps
  2. Files
  3. Values

For algorithms, the interface determines the paths where input values are provided to the algorithm and where output values are expected. For reader studies, the interfaces can be used to create display sets, custom layouts and to link default values to questions.