Reading a Case

Upon starting a reader study you will see a screen similar to this:

A detailed description of how to use the viewer in general can be found here

You will be presented with the first unanswered case in the reader study. Depending on how the reader study is configured, you might be able to navigate through all the cases of the reader study, edit answers you have given already and verify your answers if it's an educational reader study. Each case consists of one or more images with a set of questions. The questions will be the same for each case and can be divided into two types of questions, either non-annotation questions or annotation questions. Non-annotation questions can be text, multiple choice, number, etc. For annotation questions you will need to interact with one of the images, a detailed description on how to use the various annotation editors can be found here

To go though a reader study, you will need to at least answer all the required questions (signified by a *). Clicking on Save and Continue will check if all required questions are answered, save the answers and load the next case. When all cases in a reader study have been answered, you will get a popup that the reader study is finished.