Grand Challenge API

Grand-Challenge provides functionality for biomedical imaging data management, for training expert annotators and gathering annotations, as well as for hosting challenges to benchmark algorithms and deploying them.

The Grand Challenge API is here to facilitate your interaction with our platform.

Main functionalities

gcapi is a python client for It offers a handy way to interact with the REST API for from python, and provides some convenience methods. You can try out all REST API calls here.

The main functionalities you can use gcapi for are:

  • Uploading images to a reader study
  • Downloading images from an archive
  • Uploading images to an algorithm
  • Downloading results from an algorithm

We will start with instructions how to set up gcapi. Then, we will dig into some general definitions and description. Last but not least, we will take a look at a set of use cases using algorithms, reader studies and archives. You can also find the utility scripts with detailed descriptions in our github repo.