Editing archive items

Images you upload to Grand Challenge are stored as archive items. In the simplest case, an archive item consists of just one medical image. Archive items, however, also allow you to store metadata or additional images, such as an overlay, along with each image.

After you have uploaded images to your archive, you can edit the created archive items and add whatever meta- or additional image data you want. To do so, go to Side menu --> View Items. You will see a list of archive items with the option to edit each value as well as the option to add new values to each archive item.

To add, for example, an overlay to an uploaded image, chose the appropriate interface from the dropdown, upload your file and refresh the page. The archive item will now have two values attached to it: the main medical image (i.e., Generic Medical Image) and the just uploaded Generic Overlay (or whatever other interface you chose from the dropdown).

Editing a value allows you to overwrite / update the associated file. In the example above, you could replace the previously uploaded overlay with a different overlay image, for example.

⚠️Note that editing == overwriting, so the old value will be gone after editing.

The website allows archive item editing only on a case by case basis, one archive item at a time. Alternatively, and more conveniently, you can also edit archive items through the API. For examples on how to do that, see our GC-API tutorial for archives.