Uploading images to an archive

After you have created your archive, it is time to add images to it.
You can upload your images by using the menu on the left hand side of the screen: Side menu → Add Cases as shown below. Grand Challenge supports the following image formats: .mha, .mhd, .raw, .zraw, .dcm, .tiff, .png, .jpeg and .jpg. Along with the files to upload, you will need to provide an interface type so that Grand Challenge knows how to store your image in the archive item that it creates for each uploaded file. For a list of interfaces with descriptions, see here.

Alternatively, you could use the Grand Challenge API Client to upload your images through Python.

Once your images have been uploaded, you can inspect them one by one or download them individually no the cases overview page: Side menu → View Cases. To download all images at once, use the Side menu → Export menu button instead.

All uploaded images get stored as so-called archive items on Grand Challenge. Archive items can hold not just a medical image, but also metadata about the image or even additional images, like overlays, with it. You can see a list of all archive items under Side menu → View Items. To learn how to add meta data to your images continue reading here.